In cooperation with Österreichische Mediathek, the digitization of Arnold Schönberg's record collection, comprising some 400 sound carriers, began in April 2019. On May 14, 7:30 p.m., Schönberg’s String Quartet No. 3, op. 30, which was recorded on five discs by the Kolisch Quartet in 1936, will be heard for the first time from the copies in the composer's estate.

Between December 29, 1936 and January 8, 1937, the Kolisch Quartet made a complete recording of Arnold Schönberg’s string quartets. The project was initiated by Schönberg's student Alfred Newman, who was a successful film music composer in Hollywood at the time and had access to the major recording studios. At cost price, selected persons, including Jascha Heifetz and George Gershwin, purchased one of 25 sets with a 23 records each. A live concert with Schönberg's String Quartet op. 30 will be presented simultaneously on youtube and facebook.