In February 1935 a milestone birthday was celebrated in Vienna. Schönberg's student Alban Berg celebrated his 50th birthday on 9 February of this year. An occasion for special gifts!

“I didn’t think it was still possible to be as happy as I was (and have been ever since) when early this morning: on my birthday-precisely to the minute-your congratulations arrived. I don’t know what I am most pleased with: your so very dear letter, the wonderful poem, the ingenious canon with its affectionate words and Lulu references (even including the Erdgeist-fourths!!!) – or with the recording: when we heard your dear, beloved voice, both of us: Helene and I, burst into tears: it was as if, after a long, long separation, you had entered the room ...”
(Alban Berg to Arnold Schönberg, February 9, 1935)

A phonograph record?

On January 20, 1935 Schönberg recorded two home recordings with his wife Gertrud and his daughter Nuria. The record for Alban Berg – unfortunately lost – and a second with the label “RCA Victor Home Recording Record” for Gertrud’s mother Henriette Kolisch, who was staying in Vienna and celebrated her birthday on February 22. This record, along with all other audio storage media from Schönberg’s estate, was professionally transferred as part of a digitization project of the Österreichische Mediathek.

The greeting message recorded for Henriette Kolisch on January 20, 1935 will be published for the first time by the Arnold Schönberg Center on May 7, 2020 in a sound-optimized and illustrated version on YouTube and social media. On this day Nuria Schoenberg Nono, daughter of the composer, celebrates her 88th birthday.

Speaking: ARTRUNUR (Arnold, Trude and Nuria).